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Volunteers who elects to take on a placement with HIV/AIDS is taking part in the efforts to mount an effective response in meeting the needs of target communities. The HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa is unusual in its scope and magnitude. Health workers are under great pressure, given the unprecedented surge in the number of HIV/AIDS patients. This is a great program for volunteers interested in health care or keen to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. If you are good with people and eager to meet and get to know people, this is also the program for you. 

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Volunteers on this program schemes to educate and counsel the community, schools and individuals. Also as a volunteer on this program, you will visit HIV/AIDS clinics and help meet the needs of children orphaned by the disease. Long-term volunteers may have the opportunity to attend a training course which on completion allows them to assist with HIV/AIDS testing.

The HIV/AIDS volunteer services includes visiting patients with the purpose of delivering vital supplies of food, medicine, as well as providing basic medical care. HIV/AIDS volunteers help reduce the spread of HIV by raising awareness and promoting access to medical care. They also foster compassion in the community for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as giving emotional support.


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