Change you can see and believe In


Our team is made up of a dedicated and a passionate group of young people who have in the past been involved in charity work and know the importance of giving back to the community and serving the under priviledged.
The team knows what it takes to provide a quality, affordable and safe volunteering experience that really helps those in need.

I was a beneficiary of volunteers assistance when i was young, if not through the help i received, i wouldnt have made it to where i am. i dedicated my life to helping .I have worked with two major international volunteer organisations and i believe there is alot to get ibvolved in.
A volunteer once challenged me that my life would be the only bible that someone else will study, i should live positively.

George Mbiriri Nyambura

Founder & Chairman

Virginiah Wairimu

Host Manager

Joseph Hiuhu

Volunteer Manager

Margaret Mbugua

Administration Manager

Dennis Njigoya

Transport Co-ordinator


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