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Blue Flame Volunteers acknowledges volunteers’ desire to work with children and offers several different placements in orphanages in and around Nairobi. Volunteers wishing to partake in an orphanage placement will be involved in several daily tasks such as getting the children ready for school and sometimes joining them on their commute, washing and cleaning, cooking and farm work, assisting the children with their homework and daily duties and of course simply spending time with the orphans, playing games and getting involved in the activities they enjoy.

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Most children in orphanages have never experienced loving, caring and stable relationships. As an orphanage volunteer, you will be supplying much-needed attention, compassion, hope, encouragement, support and love to vulnerable children. As a result, you will be helping the children to become empowered to face the challenges of their life, poverty and possible exploitation.

Voluntary work in an orphanage is very fulfilling.

Orphanages offer different experiences, for example one allows volunteers to live on-site, becoming completely immersed in orphanage life. Here most of the kids go to school during the day so volunteers will have time to themselves then and be busy mornings, afternoons and evenings. Another orphanage also runs a school so volunteers can help with the orphans’ daily routine and then teach or assist the children that need extra help during school hours.



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