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Blue Flame Volunteers believe sports is a successful way of bringing people together and celebrating the skills and talents of the children and youths involved. Therefore, provides volunteers with the opportunity to create and carry out sports programs and workshops to the children and youths from schools, orphanages and the slums.In doing so, they will also have the opportunity to organize local weekend tournaments, bringing the youth together and creating opportunities for them to become involved in positive skill and confidence building experiences.

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Sports volunteers have the opportunity to coach and train with some of the most enthusiastic – and some of the most talented   young athletes. If volunteering in schools, They will spend some of their time teaching in a primary school, mainly physical education and some other lessons. The rest of their time they’ll be training/working with local teams and playing games.

Football is by far the most popular sport in Kenya, and football players and fans will have a ball on this program. However, there may also be opportunities to introduce your pupils to new games and sports.

It is also possible for volunteers to help with the local community sports program which runs after school from 4pm – 6:30pm. And through out when the schools are on holiday


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