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Our volunteers work in schools with students who have harsh economic backgrounds and some with orphans. Most of the schools receive little to no government funding so are very poorly resourced.Volunteers need to be prepared to teach lessons with the bare minimum equipment. To begin with, you may be working alongside a local teacher or another volunteer,but eventually most volunteers choose to take lessons by themselves.If you have studied or are enthusiastic about teaching,you can be an invaluable aid to the schools we work with. Even if you have not or do not plan to study teaching, don’t let this put you off.You can always make a difference, and rest assured that experts will always be on hand to help and guide you should you need it. 

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Our schools in Kenya are also starting to develop their own sustainable projects such as gardens, farming and jewelry making and volunteers can also become involved in these projects as well.

Please note that the dates of Kenyan school holidays are in April and August and from mid-November until early-January. During these periods volunteers can participate in the holiday programs.


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