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What we Do..

We offer volunteering opportunities in community centers, orphanages, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics in needy placements. Volunteering can be customized to suit the need and the profile of the volunteer.

This flexibility means that our volunteers  derive immense personal satisfaction from their experience, while gaining eye-opening and sometimes trouble insights into the condition and the level of services available in a developing country.
Your contribution as a volunteer will make a real and meaningful difference to the people and communities here.


We encourage anyone to volunteer in with us, including individuals, couples, families, students, researchers and groups. Volunteers should be at least 15 years old and speak at least intermediate English. Younger volunteers may be accepted if accompanied by an adult. For more details about this please contact us on


Our programs run throughout the entire year. Volunteer programs have the flexibility to allow volunteers to start on any day of the month; Volunteers can choose to volunteer for periods starting 1 week to 12 months. Program orientations will take place according to volunteer arrival dates, providing flexibility in regards to when volunteers wish to commence their placements.



The format of the orientation depends on your arrival time. Most volunteers  tend to arrive in the evening. In this case, the orientation begins the following day with a talk at the volunteer’s house or local restaurant about the country, security, transport, the project and other important information that is relevant to volunteering. You will be taken to the local town and shown around places of interest such as supermarkets, internet cafes and restaurants. You are also given time to change money, buy bottled water, snacks and anything else that you may need. If time allows, you will be taken to the project and have project orientation the same day. If you arrive in the morning, you may have orientation later that day, if you are not too tired.


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